4.0 is a website redesign for the School of Visual Arts, an art and design college in New York City.

As the only full-time designer working exclusively on this project for over two years, I used Sketch, Principle, Zeplin, Framer, InVision, and GitLab to design and prototype the site’s UI/UX, animations, and communicate tasks to developers. I was in charge of creating and exploring frontend and backend web components, maintaining design consistency across the site via a large Sketch library of dynamic components in multiple breakpoints, and (lots and lots of) QA testing.

Overall, I made a total of 568 designs and 628 GitLab tickets.

As part of the SVA’s in-house design studio, the Visual Arts Press, I worked with Gail Anderson, Eric Corriel, Brian Smith, Declan Van Welie, Ryan Durinick, Sam Potts, and Stephanie Gaito.

tablet view

mobile view

application portal

application portal

cms login page

cms course module and navigation builder